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A healthier alternative to the jar!

I love mince pies at Christmas. It’s
an English tradition and it seems to have caught on in the ‘States too! Until now the only mincemeat I could find was the jarred variety: its main ingredient? Corn Syrup ūüė¶ Today I found this option which has fewer ingredients, all it requires is reconstitution with hot water. It is not a healthy as homemade (it contains brown sugar, dextrose, and cornstarch), but it is a much healthier version than conventional mincemeat products.

For a gluten free crust, consider mixing melted butter with almond meal (you can add a little honey or maple syrup if you wish) for a Graham-cracker crust alternative. Push the warm almond dough into the cups in a greased, mini-cupcake tray and bake for a few minutes until the insides look drier or lightly golden. Scoop reconstituted mincemeat into the shells and bake a few minutes more, until crusts are golden brown. (I’ll have measures and temps in recipe format shortly: if you experiment in the kitchen as I do, this should be enough info to get you started! You can always follow general Graham cracker crust and open mini-pie baking guidelines)

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I forgot to write a Recipe thuRsday post, so I’m sharing today what I intended to yesterday!¬† Here’s a fast & warm way to eat a healthy breakfast every morning in the upcoming cold (and gloomy) months: Slow-Cooker Pineapple Oatmeal.¬† It requires no sugar or dairy (it can be gluten free if you buy gluten-free certified oats and avoid the wheat flour for soaking) and is as sweet for your digestive system as it is to your palette!¬† It has enzymes, whole grains, and if you go with the coconut oil option, has MCTs for healthy brain functioning.¬† Throw out those sugar- and additive-infested boxed cereals and eat something equally fast but much more nutritious!

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Sprouted Lentil Pizza Crust & toppings prior to baking. Yum!

I recently had a challenge for my FXS child’s birthday party: to make a grain-free pizza crust that did not contain any oil (I have a relative who gets terribly sick when eating grains or certain oils).¬† I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the nutritious pizza goodness so I reached into my cupboards to see what I had leftover from our GFCF elimination diet “season”: half a cup of almond flour/meal.¬† That was it.¬† I found a way to make it stretch using half a cup of sprouted lentils, some yogurt, and one egg; click here to check out my killer grain-free pizza crust that makes a mean (tasty) personal pizza.¬† For the toppings I used reduced¬†Homemade Spaghetti Sauce (requires roasting tomatoes on low for a long time; you could easily use my Fresh & Fast Pizza Sauce Recipe and it would probably taste just as good!), shredded (at home) mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, and some Rosemary sprinkled on the top.¬† Buon appetito!

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