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Portabello Spaghetti with Spaghetti Squash. Make sure you drain the squash; it can water down the sauce! The Black Bean Broth and Kumatos make for a rich, red-brown sauce.

Lately I have posted a lot more faith articles than food, so it is good to get back to sharing some of my culinary exploits!  One of the most important parts of a Daniel Fast is to do meal planning in advance.  Here is our weekly Daniel Fast menu with links to some of the recipes:

PRE-FAST (the week before): Make sprouted black beans, sprouted lentils, sprouted wheat berries, and sprouted rice.  The cooking water from the black beans is “Bean Broth” and can be used in stead of chicken stock.  Store sprouted grains/legumes and cooked beans in 2-cup portions in the freezer.  Make Summer Squash Broth to supplement bean broth (if needed) and Green Soup to eat when you don’t have much time to prepare anything.  Buy lots of fruits and vegetables; to see which produce items should be bought as organic (Dirty Dozen), and which are safe to buy conventionally (Clean Fifteen), check out the Environmental Work Group’s Executive Summary for Produce.

Breakfast: Pineapple Oatmeal.  Since we have to avoid dairy, I use pineapple juice instead of whey to soak the grains overnight.  We have the same breakfast each morning to keep things simple!

AM Snack: Nuts, Organic Raisins & Fresh Fruit.  Nuts help me to avoid headaches from having too little protein, and raisins help curb sugar-cravings (grapes are notorious for having dangerous pesticides on them; only buy organic grapes and raisins).  Apples and Bananas are great options; apples have many healing and detoxing benefits and bananas supply carbs missed from leavened goods (like bread) and potassium lost through loose stools (although sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beet greens, and raisins have more potassium than bananas).  Again, only buy organic apples because they top the list of pesticide-ridden produce.

Lunch: Meal leftovers, Fruit & Veggies.  This is a great time to have a salad, or “finger snacks” like celery, carrots and tomatoes.  If it’s cold outside, Green Soup can help warm you up and relieve stress symptoms.

PM Snack: Salted Popcorn, Nuts & Raisins.  Use an air-popper if you are abstaining from oils; otherwise, to hold to the spirit of the fast, use only as much oil as necessary to pop the corn kernels in a covered pot on the stove; I use Palm Kernel Oil (in non-hydrogenated organic shortening form, Spectrum brand) since it has a high smoke point.


  • Monday: Portabello Spaghetti.
  • Tuesday: Savory Stuffed Peppers.  (Add Bean or Summer Squash Broth to leftover stuffing to make a tasty soup for lunch!)
  • Wednesday: Lion’s Den Stew.
  • Thursday: Greek Summer Squash Stew and Sprouted Wheat Berry Soup Biscuits.
  • Friday: Mushroom Pesto Pizza (Cheese-free; recipe coming soon)
  • Saturday: Bean Curry and Sprouted Rice (recipe coming soon)
  • Sunday: Roasted Root Vegetables and Steamed Broccoli.  (recipe coming soon)  This is a perfect day to take the organic potato peelings and use them to make Potato Peel Broth (recipe coming soon), another great source of potassium.

As far as drinks go, a true Daniel Fast uses only water.  However, what you drink on your fast is between you and God.  Some churches advise that fruit juices and herbal teas are fine; make sure to ask God what is right for you.  I drink water throughout the day, but I have a hot cup of green-tea infused Potato Peel Broth in the morning to help me wake up and replenish lost nutrients.

I hope this resource gives you a hearty helping of hope for your fast (it is achievable!); even if you aren’t fasting (if you’re vegetarian or vegan, for example), these recipes are still pretty tasty and economical.  Bon Appetit!

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Sweet and savory!  One of the easiest and tastiest jams you could ever make ;-)

Sweet and savory! One of the easiest and tastiest jams you could ever make 😉

This makes for an excellent gift …or something to enjoy for yourself on toast, crepes…even a PB&J!  It only has THREE ingredients and takes about an hour to make in a pan.  If you want to make something at a beginners level that has a large “wow” factor to it, this is the recipe for you!  I hope you enjoy it!

CORRECTION: I forgot last night to add the need to strain out the skins.  I’ve since updated the recipe to include this.  Sorry for any confusion!

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This delicious salad is easy to "fix" and even easier on the palette!

This delicious salad is easy to “fix” and even easier on the palette!

It’s Thursday somewhere… 😉 This recipe was a great hit this Thanksgiving; I’m sure it would work well for Christmas too!  It is simple, inexpensive, and DELICIOUS!

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Make this your own “Christmas Classic”!

Want a healthy alternative to corn-syrup-laden hot chocolate and marshmallows?  Here are two, much HEALTHIER recipes sure to impress guests and leave an impression on twinkling-eyed children this holiday season!  My hot chocolate recipe takes about the same time as nuking four cups of instant hot chocolate; the honeymallows take more time in preparation but with their unique honey-flavor and foamy-goodness, the investment is definitely worth it!
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Sprouted Lentil Pizza Crust & toppings prior to baking. Yum!

I recently had a challenge for my FXS child’s birthday party: to make a grain-free pizza crust that did not contain any oil (I have a relative who gets terribly sick when eating grains or certain oils).  I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the nutritious pizza goodness so I reached into my cupboards to see what I had leftover from our GFCF elimination diet “season”: half a cup of almond flour/meal.  That was it.  I found a way to make it stretch using half a cup of sprouted lentils, some yogurt, and one egg; click here to check out my killer grain-free pizza crust that makes a mean (tasty) personal pizza.  For the toppings I used reduced Homemade Spaghetti Sauce (requires roasting tomatoes on low for a long time; you could easily use my Fresh & Fast Pizza Sauce Recipe and it would probably taste just as good!), shredded (at home) mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, and some Rosemary sprinkled on the top.  Buon appetito!

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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup: have a hearty Helping of Hope with each bowl!

As promised, here is a soup that will knock the metal out of you…as well as the cold and flu virus.  Enjoy!

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You can easily double this recipe for extra stew to pull out on cold days when you need a pick-me-up or to heat up for a lightning-fast dinner.

Fall is upon us and we are all about to start craving apple cider, sweet potatoes, and roasted turkey (well, I am)!  Here is a hearty stew that takes advantage of the end of Summer’s Bounty, using tomatoes, corn, and sweet potatoes for a rich flavor sure to knock you off your boot heels!  Not only does this stew make a filling entree, leftovers are easily turned into soup!  To find out how easy it is to make a nutritious and frugal dinner, check out my Cowboy Stew recipe!

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